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Sunday, September 28, 2003
HISTORY HAS BEEN MADE!!!!!.....kinda...

Well, after many failed attempts, I have FINALLY had an article submitted to Slashdot accepted and posted!

It's just a small one, but a fairly important one dealing with the first successful launch/firing of a rocket powered by what's known as an "Aerospike" engine.

Read the post, if you wish, at:


Thursday, September 18, 2003
Well, this is the first entry in my first-ever "blog"!

Why do a "blog"? I was asked by many of my friends on the Internet why I didn't have one - which made me think the very same thing.

So, I'm deciding to try-out this thing called a "blog" and see what happens.

Since I'm in the throws of starting a new consulting firm while looking for other "business opportunities" I can't guarantee that I'm going to post here on a daily basis, but I'll post as time permits

I'll have topics covering my experiences as a Root Admin & Executive Committe member of one of the finest IRC Networks in the world - WebChat ( -, my work/jobsearch and my experiences in starting two businesses at once (more on that later).

So, to all of my long-time and new-found friends...


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