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Monday, February 23, 2004
Well, a lot has been happening here, so it's time for an update:

1) The plans for the new company are firming-up. We're currently looking for funding, and possibly some Government Research grants. VC seems to be flowing a bit better now, since the economy seems to be picking-up, so we're hopefull in getting the resources we need to get this thing off the ground and flying.

2) My Back seems to be doing better now - just an occasional twinge of pain from the surgery and my back muscles adjusting to getting a full inch of height back after the surgery - I had lost an inch in height due to the disc degeneration at L4-L5 and L5-S1, and the spacer inserts, screws and rods have given me back my former height, so my back muscles are having to stretch a bit more than they're used to. Glucosamine therapy has helped the Arthritis in my back slightly, but I expect this to be a cumulative therapy and not a quick-fix.

Have a nice day!


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