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Friday, September 01, 2006
Blog-Echo: The Utter Stupidity of Comcast
(Note: This is an Blog-Echo from my Live Spaces blog shown in the "Link:" above)

Well, the genius-pool at Comcast has decided to prove, yet again, to the world that monkeys with typewriters can make better business decisions than their senior management. Comcast, in ther utterly poor use of brain-cells has decided to block ALL customers of NameZero, The Well (one of the oldest ISPs in existence), and (even stranger) For your edification, here is my email that was just sent to Comcast's blacklist folks:


Pretty smart of you to blacklist ANY domain addresses forwarded from customers of NameZero.

Do you IDIOTS know that this talk is already all over the Internet and Comcast is being FRIED OVER AN OPEN PIT on websites like

How many customers does Comcast want to lose? 100? 1,000? If this is not remedied in 48 hours, I’ll be cancelling my Comcast Broadband service AND filing for injunctive relief under claims of Restriction of Trade. Everyone who wants to do business with me using my non-spam generating domain ( is unable to reach me via email.

Fix it, or you’ll be losing yet another Comcast customer due to your company’s asinine decision to block all NameZero customers from legally & legitimately forwarding their doman-specific email to their Comcast account.

The ball is in your court – don’t drop it, or it WILL be blogged!

Scott Kindorf
A (possibly former) Comcast customer!


For more info on this mental gaff of Comcast's, visit this article at the San Jose Mercury News and this article at my old friend and enemy,

I'll be updating as soon as possible. Who knows, maybe I'll get my outbound data rate boosted a bit. ;)


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